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NXT Barre is a classic barre style class, fusing together dance, pilates and yoga exercises to create a energetic strength conditioning workout.

NXT Barre FLOW is a gentle flow of Barre, Stretching & Yoga Moves designed to lengthen your body, release any tight areas and by incorporating some dynamic barre moves you will be left feeling nourished strong and long.

NXT Barre Fit is a heated up cardio fused Barre class, with traditional barre moves incorporated into some heart rate pumping moves this class will surely get those bodies moving and feeling that sweat

NXT Pilates Mat a total body workout incorporating traditional pilates moves with a dynamic combination of small equipment exercises.

NXT Gentle Mat Pilates is a mild introductory class to attend if you are coming back to exercise classes after a break or wanting to learn some fundamentals of pilates mat.

NXT Fusion is a combination of both pilates and barre exercises put together to make a fun filled body toning class that will leave you feeling long and lean.

NXT Yoga Vinyasa Flow.  A class for all, a sequence of flowing yoga poses that links your breathe with your movement. These classes will leave you feeling strong, connected to yourself, re-energized and relaxed.

NXT Stretch & Release Is suitable for all fitness levels and flexibility types. Relax, release and create space within the body. This class offers a relaxing stretch focussed on lengthening muscles, relaxing facia and allowing ligaments and tendons to release

NXT Babes & Bubs is a class specifically designed for mums to bring your baby along to class. Enjoy a toning, dynamic workout with your bub.  Bring along a sling or carrier as we get your little one involved for some fun & added resistance to enhance those moves! Preferably attendance to this class 10 weeks post partum & if ladies have any abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues you will require a letter from your doctor as some exercises may not be suitable during the healing period.